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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our ultimate reward and we will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. Saatva will give a level of courtesy, respect and genuine kindness as if you are a best friend.

- Ed Brians, EVP


We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand on Google in 2013 with an average rating of 4.9 on over 3,000 reviews.

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Saatva Mattress Reviews
***** Rating: 4.8
- 268 Reviews

Published by Glen


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Awesome! Back Pain Relieved

We got our matress a few days ago. My wife has been suffering from lumbar back issues for over a year. We have tried IComfort, Stearns and Foster, and Beauty Rest matresses. We even slept on an inflatable Coleman Matress with a futon pad. Nothing worked. The Saatva Luxery Firm matress has made a remarkable difference in my wife's back pain. I sleep like a rock on it too! Wonderful company, speedy delivery, and great price. Have already recommended it to multiple friends. Thanks for producing a quality product, in America for a great price point. Thanks for the peace you have given to us.

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Published by Sam


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7-Month Review

I am a very conscientious on-line shopper. I did a pretty thorough job on researching mattresses along with comparison pricing. It is a very, very challenging exercise and I was very reluctant almost giving up in actually buying a mattress. That's how tough it is. I made the choice to go with SAATVA and after 7-months the mattress is in the same condition it was when it first got delivered. I purchased the 14” and cannot express how much we look forward to going to bed at night as a reward for the day’s work!

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Published by Jennifer


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Perfect in Every Way

My experience began with a conversation with one of the Saatva owners. I needed a large quantity of mattresses in a short period of time - before Thanksgiving. They also had to be shipped across the country. I was assured they would put forth the extra effort to make that happen. The mattresses arrived the week before Thanksgiving and we were thrilled. Somehow I knew, after my conversation, that Saatva would keep their promise to deliver on time.

Our fourteen family members then had the delightful pleasure of sleeping on these wonderful mattresses. Every single person absolutely LOVED their experience. I have included a few of their comments:

"I don't think I've ever slept on a better mattress. My back pain was reduced after only two nights. It was fantastic."

"I didn't wake up once! I loved going to sleep and waking up in such an awesome bed!"

"Thank you for the amazingly comfortable mattress!"

"It was a heavenly bed and experience."

"Sleeping on that mattress was like sleeping on a cloud, and I never wanted to leave! Thank you so much!"

"We loved the mattress - our pillowtop at home is too cushy and this mattress was the perfect blend of plush and firm, and made in the USA! Hooray!"

"We loved the mattress. It was very comfortable. It has just the right combination of softness and firmness. Thank you for putting them together so quickly."

It is truly amazing to have such a great experience from beginning to end in this day and age. I am so happy I found this company and will definitely refer people to them and use them again for any future needs.

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Published by Carolyn W.


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Brilliant company, brilliant product

Having slept quite comfortably for 12 years on our old mattress, a slowly growing concavity on my husband’s side of the bed led us to our recent search for a replacement.
After a few months of exercising due diligence with traditional brick and mortar mattress stores (and all the childish monetary and return policy nonsense that goes with that), we discovered Saatva…and our new friend (and business idol!), CEO Ron Rudzin.
Business owners ourselves, we were more than impressed with Ron’s (and the company’s) commitment to customer satisfaction and his devotion to Saatva and its wonderful products. Ron listened to our mattress needs (repeatedly, I must add, by phone and email!), gave sound advice and delivered a phenomenal product at an extremely reasonable price. Our new mattress not only feels good, it looks good! I have never owned a mattress that looks as lovely with the sheets off as it does on! A flawless purchasing process was followed by another flawless delivery and set-up process.
As a physical therapist, I am regularly in the position to recommend mattresses to my patients and friends…Saatva now tops my list, and will be awarded only the highest accolades.
Thank you Ron and the Saatva team for showing us how an online business should be run…and for 100% delivering on your product!

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Published by Kathy A


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Best Buy

I had been shopping for a mattress and box spring for the last couple f months to replace a 15 yr old Beautyrest that I loved when new. I could not find one that I was satsfied with and hated the sales talk in the stores and the pressure to buy. I came across the Saatva website on-line and read all the reviews but was hesitant about buying a bed sight unseen and untried for comfort. However, the reviews , the price and the specs combined convinced me .
My bed came yesterday, on time, on the day I requested. I bought the Luxury firm and had the best night's sleep that I have had in some time . After sleeping on the Saatva , I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a comfortable bed , at a reasonable cost with great service . Keep up the good work Saatva! When the other beds in my home need repleacement I will definitely choose a Saatva !

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Published by Jon P.


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True American Quality

Let me just start by saying that I am greatful there are still amazing products such as Saatva being produced right here in our great country. Secondly My wife and I just received our Saatva bed yesterday and I must say the first night sleep was probably the best sleep I've ever had. Being a part of the US Military Special Operations community is probably one of the most rigorous and physically demanding careers out there and to come home after a long and grueling night and sleep on this system has me completely refreshed and recharged to do it all over again the next day. So my hat is off to you Saatva, thanks for producing such a great sleep system.

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Published by Sara


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My 8 month review!

I think it was back in October 2012 when I bought two twins to put together and make a king- because a king wouldn't fit through my weird stairwell. At the time I was having terrible sleep...Two people on a tiny full size is awful, especially when one has a back injury! So, I can tell you that I was very excited about getting a new bed.

I put my order in and delivery day came around, and it turned out only one of the twins was sent. I wasn't horribly upset because I realize accidents happen, but I was definitely concerned about how Saatva was going to handle fixing the issue. I spoke with a super nice guy at Saatva (I think his name was Alex) who apologized profusely, refunded my delivery fee, and sent me the other half of the bed not soon after. I was relieved at how awesome the customer service was, and how quickly Saatva fixed the problem. When I think about how much I love my Saatva, I honestly don't remember the delivery mishap- the problem was handled so well that it's like it never even happened.

Anyway, it's been some time since I bought the bed(s) and I have been incredibly happy with how things have turned out. As mentioned, I have a back injury (nerve damage and some other stuff) and the Saatva has been incredibly good at putting me to sleep at night. Every time I lay down in the bed I sigh SO loud because I am SO comfortable! I think that with my injury I am getting the best sleep I could possibly be getting, and I am so glad I went with Saatva as my choice.

I tell everyone about Saatva...even when they aren't mattress shopping. If I won the lottery and I could afford ANY mattress in the entire world, I would still go with Saatva, and I would put one in each of the twenty bedrooms in my mansion. :)

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Published by Mary G


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Finally a good nights sleep

We went through 5 different mattresses all a different brand from a well know supplier of mattresses but always ended up with the same sinking bed and tossing and turning problem. Finally through some online googling we discovered Saaavta. We were a little hesitant not being able to actually lay on the beds before purchasing but the online reviews actually sold us. Everyone seems to say the same thing. They tried many mattresses without satisfaction until saavta and we agree. The bed is amazing. We dont move all night long. Wake up feeling rested. Thanks Saavta

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Dear Valued Customer,

Nearly every consumer is happy with the Saatva buying experience. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please call me directly and allow me the opportunity to take care of you!

Ed Brians, EVP

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