Saatva consistently has the best reviews in the mattress industry.   In fact, Saatva was the best reviewed mattress on Google in 2012.  With over 500+reviews on various third party sites last year, Saatva additionally has a large percentage of its customers writing reviews and most of them are raving about the product and service. 

How do we do it?  Simple: start with a terrific product and make sure every customer is happy with stellar customer service.  Saatva strives to make the mattress buying experience as close to perfect as possible, while adding a very personal touch to our customer relationships.  We try to never have an unhappy customer.  Even with an exceedingly low return rate, however, we do occasionally run into issues which might range from a rare accidental delivery mishap to a customer who needs a different sized box spring.  In each and every one of these cases we go above and beyond to make sure the problem is resolved.  In fact many of our customers can’t believe the level of service they receive.  We want you to be proud that you bought a Saatva.

Saatva is a company that puts its customers first.  Every touch point of the customer purchase experience is built around this ethos.  The reason we don’t have bad reviews?  Our customers are just really really happy.