History of Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Will you be my Valentine? This phrase, among several other love messages, is what we are accustomed to hearing on Valentine’s Day.

Scratch that, it’s what we are used to reading on a Valentine’s card.

In the United States, it’s estimated that a total of $18.6 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day…with Americans spending an average of […]

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Men Need Beauty Sleep, Too

Sorry guys, you are not immune to the effects of sleep deprivation. Just like women, you need beauty sleep to put your best face forward.

Sleep loss affects everyone — both physically and emotionally. All those weekdays that you stay up late and wake up early for work take a toll on you. And you can […]

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Saatva Mattress Featured on the Today Show

Here at Saatva Mattress, we are delighted to announce that we were featured on the Today Show! On Monday, January 25, 2016, Matt Lauer and Elizabeth Mayhew provided mattress shopping tips for those in the market for a new mattress on the Today Show:

As seen in the video segment above, Lauer and Mayhew reviewed four […]

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Pets and Sleep: Should You Let Your Furry Friend Sleep in Bed with You?

If you’re a pet lover, odds are that you’ve probably let your pet sleep in your bed with you from time to time. And if you’re like most pet owners(65% of American households own a pet), then you let your furry friend sleep with you every night.

Although having your pet sleep in the same bed […]

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Tips for Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions 

The new year calls for new resolutions. After all, a whole new calendar means a chance for a fresh start. But like many of our resolutions, it can be hard to stick to a new routine. Losing weight can feel like an insurmountable goal, saving money can seem impossible and revamping your lifestyle isn’t the […]

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Does Your Nighttime Routine Have an Effect on Your Sleep?

Sixty percent. That’s the amount of people who say that they experience sleep problems regularly. Additionally, according to data compiled by the experts from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 43 percent of the Americans ages 13 to 64 that were polled in the organization’s Sleep in America survey noted that they rarely get a good […]

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Saatva Mattress Holiday Giveaway: Win One, Give One

‘Tis the season for giving so our Saatva team has partnered with Apartment Therapy for the ultimate Saatva Mattress Holiday Giveaway!

It’s no secret that we love a great night’s sleep…especially since we specialize in providing America’s best priced luxury mattress!

We think everyone should have a chance to experience our Saatva and fall in love with […]

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Most Well-Rested US Cities

Poor sleeping habits present many risks. Harvard research reports that most Americans do not get enough sleep. Short-term lack of sleep can result in mood swings, an inability to make good judgments and can affect the learning process. In the long term, a lack of adequate sleep can cause diseases including obesity, cardiovascular disease and […]

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Black Friday Shopping: Hold Off On Buying That Mattress

We’ve all seen it before, the hoards of people piled outside a store waiting for the “best deals” on Black Friday. Perhaps you’ve even been a part of that crowd.  But does Black Friday deserve all the hype and do you really save money in the end…especially when it comes to mattresses?
Background of Black Friday
Millions of […]

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Apartment Therapy Giveaway: Win a Saatva Mattress

Apartment Therapy, a lifestyle and interior design blog, has partnered with us this Thanksgiving week for a Saatva Mattress Giveaway. 

With this Thanksgiving-inspired giveaway, eligible applicants will have the chance to win a Saatva luxury firm mattress set…which includes a mattress of any size with foundation and a frame.
How to Enter to Win a Saatva Mattress
The […]

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